Responsorial Psalms (Catholic) set to Anglican Chant
  • NeilMac
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    I have started to set the whole 3yr cycle of Responsorial Psalms to Anglican Chant.

    I have attached a small sample of these. I should be grateful for comments and to know whether anybody would be interested in the whole cycle
  • Neil, I'm a year and a half late to this party, but I'm curious about your progress to date. And yes, I'd be interested in the whole cycle. Thanks.
  • A worthy and well conceived project.
    Some of your pointing is a bit dated, and some accents misplaced.
    Still, this is a laudable improvement over most any offerings of the psalm.
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  • Jackson,

    How can pointing be dated?
  • Musical fashions change; between 1900 and 2000 the church went from Pustet, to Vatican 1908, to Old Solesmes, to 1979 Triplex chironomy, to ... (I can't keep up).
  • Dated, maybe - but very easy to read. I have rarely seen easy to read pointing. Often it goes: Oh look! This is bold, that is in italics, oh look a bar line that does not fit with the what?
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  • Jonathan, this has indeed been one of my frustrations whenever I've attempted Anglican Chant. Each edition / editor seems to have their preferred method, some of which are not easily digestible. The worst is when there are multiple italic words in a row. IMHO it is much more easily parsable when each time you change note, it rotates between bold/italic/regular whatever. I also wish editors used some sort of slur or some other more clear method to indicate when a single syllable takes more than one note. Sometimes it's hard to tell if you're not reading ahead.

    To be clear, I absolutely love the sound of Anglican Chant done well. It is stunningly beautiful when sung by some of the great cathedral choirs. I just cant sight read it worth a darn.
  • Don’t quit...ever!

    Keep up the good work.

    Gaudete in Domino Semper!