Polyphonic propers for the Votive Mass in Time of Pestilence (EF)
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Nobody much has a choir or rehearsal time or after-Holy Week energy for an extra Mass. Chances are that these pieces are total white elephants. But given that there aren't a ton of settings of the Missa votiva tempore mortalitatis, these might be of interest.They were at least therapy for me, in between work-at-home and editing oddments of possibly-useful early liturgical music (see my cpdl page for the new arrivals).
  • Josh
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    This is excellent!
    Could you provide recordings of these?
    And - if you would consider providing a setting of the Second Alleluia for Eastertide?
    Well done!
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    I've got a big commission I'm supposed to be starting. But if you have aurum et argentum, or at least the likelihood of a performance during Paschaltide, I could consider the Alleluia.

    I didn't put a recording up at cpdl because I was having trouble getting the repeats to work on the united file, was sick of looking at the thing, and needed to make a version with rests stuck in for movement breaks. But since there's a demand, I'll try to get to it this weekend.

    It will be a nice break from the Improperia setting I'm editing, which has a VERY fully figured continuo part (no 3 without its 5). And those of you who are Finale users know the joy of doing figures in Finale.
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    OK, there's a recording up. I did it with NotePerformer, which seems to differentiate voices better, and doesn't have the odd voice drop-outs I've been experiencing with Garritan/Finale of late.
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