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    I found the following chant while perusing one of the resources on the CCW website; I sincerely question whether or not this is an old defunct sequence (seems to take many cues from Victimæ Paschali) for one of the days of the Easter octave. My priest has agreed to allow me to chant it this coming weekend (not sure which part of the liturgy yet—likely during the offertory). I get the gist of it, but I would like to provide a competent translation for our worship aid and while I am comfortable with liturgical latin (and understand good chunks due to my French) I am NOT competent to provide an adequate translation for reference. If any competent latinists could help me out I'd be terribly grateful. The text is as follows:

    Mundi renovátio nova parit gáudia.

    Resurgénte Dómino conresúrgunt ómnia. (conresúrgent?)
Eleménta sérviunt et actóris séntiunt quanta sit poténtia.

    Cœlum sit serénius, et mare tranquíllius, spirat aura mítius, vallis nostra flóruit.

    Revivíscunt árida, recaléscunt frígida, postquam ver intépuit.

    Gelu mortis sólvitur, mundi princeps fállitur, et ejus destrúitur in nobis impérium.

    Dum tenére vóluit in quo nihil hábuit, jus amísit próprium.

    Vita mortem súperat, homo jam recúperat quod prius amíserat paradísi gáudium.

    Viam præbet fácilem Chérubim versátilem amov´ndo gládium.
Ipse cœlos réserat et captívos líberat quos culpa ligáverat sub mortis intéritum.
    Pro tanta victória, Patri, proli glória sit cum Sancto Spíritu. Allelúia.

    Thank you in advance!
    PS—you can view the chant on pg. 103 of the following PDF:
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    There's a metrical translation by Digby Wrangham, beginning "Spring's renewal of earth's plain' at
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    Thanks for the Link, Digby S. Wrangham translated all the Adam of St. Victor Sequences... His books Vol. 1-3, can be found on the Internet archive.
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  • Thank you both.