Shroud-Veil : A Meditation on the Face of Jesus Left To Us In Two Images
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    Today, I read about this comparison on the interwebs and thought I should make it real and share it with my colleagues.

    According to Ven. Catherine Anne Emmerich, Seraphia was her true name. She became known as Veronica because of the meaning of that name is "Vera Icon", true icon. She knew Jesus personally and offered her veil to Jesus to wipe the blood and sweat from his face. She created quite a risky disturbance to the procession to Calvary to make this small act of devotion to the Saviour.

    (one writer's account here:

    Prior to this event, she was at the triumphant entrance of Jesus on the colt into Jerusalem and spread the one and the same veil at His feet in honor of the King of Kings. Seraphia was the niece of Simeon, the prophet, and cousin of John the Baptist.

    I have superimposed the image of the Shroud of Turin and the image of the veil in this short video meditation. Natural science here meets supernatural reality.

    Today we should adore the Holy Face of Jesus.

    I am attaching a complimentary copy of my composition which I sang before the Blessed Sacrament numerous times decades ago.
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