Proulx “Christ the Lord is Risen Again”
  • Curious if anyone other than myself here has done this piece and what he/she thinks of it.

    GIA publishes it. It’s from the 1970s, and it kind of bears the “stamp” of having been written about the same time as Community Mass.

    It’s a curious little piece. We did it this past Easter. More of a challenge than I had thought at first. Some *really* cool moments, though...

    I do recommend it, but it’s a bit esoteric. I suppose compositionally its fault would seem to be a lack of thematic unity; it’s kind of a pieced-together series of really cool moments. (Hey, but there are worse things!) It’s also written with brass obbligati, but it’s doable, I think, with just organ with some tasteful alternation between the brass and organ parts. (Mercifully, the brass parts are included in closed score in the octavo.)