AR 2 - Antiphon with Alleluia for Holy Thursday
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    As I mentioned in an earlier thread, a friend and I are streaming Vespers via Zoom according to the Antiphonale Romanum II for the benefit of those who can't attend Mass.

    In general I have found the AR 2 to be a fabulous resource. You can, then, imagine my surprise when I turned just now to begin preparing Vespers for Maundy Thursday, and found that the first antiphon ends with an Alleluia! (image attached)

    How an oversight like this slipped in is beyond me. It also leaves me in a slightly difficult position, as I can't quite see a way to remove the Alleluia effectively; suggestions are welcome. The antiphon in question is Fecit nos Deo, and mostly matches this Gregobase entry.
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    Ending at "terrae" doesn't seem inappropriate; that makes the last pitch the same as with the "alleluia".
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    @chonak That just seems a bit abrupt is all. Looking at other antiphons with Eastertide/Lenten variants, it seems it's not unknown to modify the ending to add/subtract an Alleluia; but I can't find a useful example in Mode 5.
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    Les Heures Grégoriennes II (p. 484) has the following solution:
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