Does anyone recognize this 3-part falsobordone setting of the synagoga for St. John's Passion?
  • Attached is a quick ugly edition I threw together of a 3-part version of the crowd's bits of the synagoga part for the Passion According to St. John, inserted with the other parts. It's more or less a simple falsobordone setting that works quite well for TTB. But there was no composer notated on the hand-written cut & paste score I have from the last time I sang it about 8 years ago. Does anybody recognize it?

    The attached version I've assembled has a few verses altered based on how we sang it during my 2 years of seminary formation. The original would have used the same form for all of the verses (except the short first two verses on "Jesum Nazarenum").

    I have a note out to the priest who was the polyphonic director when we sang this. If I hear back from him, I'll update you. In the meantime, does anybody know the composer?
  • Would love to sing it next year (and also to know who is the composer).