Keeping myself busy - Victoria's O vos omnes
  • Having no real singing opportunities through this pandemic, I've had to get creative in terms of keeping in musical shape, and decided to give this new multitrack fad a go. Unfortunately, I don't have the low notes to properly support a piece in this key, and the pitch changer is more distracting than I had hoped. However, perhaps someone here might find some use in these. I have some additional ideas for Renaissance polyphony in the works, depending on how this recording is received.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Actually, this is quite good. Thank you for sharing, and please do more of this!
  • StimsonInRehabStimsonInRehab
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    This is great. You should help me with Wylkynson. :D
  • francisfrancis
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    very nice... beautifully sad...

    here is you singing in a virtual cathedral acoustic

    "if these should be slienced, the stones would cry out" (silicon chips)

    I keep playing this over and over...