PDF: Special intention for Good Friday Solemn Intercessions re COVID19
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    Please find attached the Good Friday intercession for COVID19, engraved for chanting in the same style as the RM3 chants, to the appropriate melody. This is a quick job in Sibelius and not the most beautiful, but highly functional.

    The text is that given in the March 30 decree from CDWDS (155/20), in the English translation provided by the same body.
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  • Oh, for a traditional vocabulary!

    Pestilence, plague, ......

    pandemic :(
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    Well, pandemic is quite an old word:

      First Known Use of pandemic

    Adjective: 1666
    Noun: circa 1853

      History and Etymology for pandemic

    Late Latin pandemus, from Greek pandēmos of all the people, from pan- + dēmos people
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    Well, that's the thing. It hasn't been a English noun for very long.

    And how long has it been a Latin noun? 35 minutes? :-)
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    Grrr, I should not try to do this kind of thing after 8pm. The first reciting-tone C should obviously be over the second word, “us”, and not centered over the giant block of text. Apologies.