Mass Livestream: Please send your prayer intentions
  • Dear forum members,

    I am fortunate to be the sacristan for the foreseeable future at my local parish for the daily live-streamed Mass. I have access to the church and am more than willing to bring before the Blessed Sacrament and the statue of our Blessed Mother any of your prayer intentions that you may send to me either privately or on this thread. I promise you of my prayers.

    If you are looking to watch this Mass, it is here:

    Mass is said daily at 7pm except on Sundays, when it is said at 10am. The Saturday Mass is a Sunday Liturgy. Music is sung by me (Gregorian Introit/Communio and two Hymns) on Saturdays, Sundays, and Solemnities. Incense will be used each Sunday beginning next weekend.

    Perhaps others could post their local parish's livestream link (if the liturgy is acceptable, of course!)?
  • Drake
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    I could spend several hours typing up prayer requests, but the most obvious ones to me are: for an end to the pandemic, for bishops and priests, for the Pope, and for the assistance of the faithful in their hour of exile. Your offer is extremely kind and charitable. Say hello to Jesus for me.
  • CatherineS
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    Ditto Drake's requests. God bless you.
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  • Carol
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    Selfishly, I ask you to pray for my 93 year old mother to be spared this virus. Thank you for asking.