For Live streaming purposes
  • HollyO
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    If we are using the Chabanel psalms or the Moyne Gospel Acclamations, is permission needed? Does anyone have the verbiage worked out for the acknowledgement?

    Thank you
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  • chonakchonak
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    Those are distributed on the net by our friends at Corpus Christi Watershed ( ), so we at CMAA aren't in a position to speak for them, really.

    If I understand aright, no permission is needed to perform a work at Mass, but streaming the performance on the net probably requires permission. I expect the composers would be generous about it, but out of respect I think you should ask.

    Some of the composers on that site mark their scores with a Creative Commons license, which may make permission automatic under some conditions. Are the works you want to use CC-licensed?
  • HollyO
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    Thanks, circling back. I did ask. All is well.