Friday funny (XVI Cent. Composers)
  • Two yrs ago someone gave me an Amazon Echo for Christmas. As a speaker in a small room, it’s adequate, but I think advertising it as 'artificial intelligence' is a bit of a stretch.

    Alexa, what are you playing (on Spotify)?

    ‘This is “Salve (pronounced like salve you’d put on sore muscles) Regina a 6”, by Orlon de Lassus.’

    (Boy, that Orlon - he could really write!)
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  • tandrews
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    There was a gal doing her lecture recital on French classical organ music that always pronounced it "eat missa est." Oof.
  • Tandrews,

    Note the difference: the "gal" doing her lecture recital was live, and Alexa is not.
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Don't you just love the D.C. congress-speak that recesses "sign-ee dye" (not "sine die") and where representatives speak from a "dye-ass" (not a "dais")?
  • CGM
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    "dye-ass" — and the jokes just write themselves...
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  • Charles,

    Is this, perhaps, evidence of the kind of person who governs us?
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  • Singing polyphony by any of the XVI century masters, our choirmaster always had to reinforce the fact that it's pronounced "GLOHRIA" rather than "GLOORIA". I quote,

    "GLOORIA (emphasis mine) is the old lady at the casino who chain smokes cigars."