Magnificat antiphon for St. Bede, a Doctor of the Church
  • Written as a wedding present for members of our parish. The piece hasn't been sung yet by the choir of the parish.

    (It occurs to me, having written it, that the section where the Doctor is named is long enough that it could probably be used for other Doctors, too, but I hadn't intended that. The couple were married on the feast of St. Bede, which is why I chose that particular Doctor.)
  • Drake
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    An engraving question ... did you intend a whole note in the Alto at measure 36 or a dotted half with quarter rest? I’ve seen Finale behave similarly with some of my scores, where there is ‘missing’ time. Thank you for sharing.
  • Drake,

    1) I intended to end the Alto one beat early.
    2) I'm not sure how Finale managed to pardon my offence, since it is usually more like a 2 yr old pitching an "I'm not tired" fit when I leave out beats.

    On an only tangentially related point, can you (or anyone else familiar with Finale) explain how a score could have "mistakes", or at least differences from the individual parts extracted from it? I've had that problem come up in a piece I wrote for 3 cellos.
  • Drake
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    Finale is manic about filling the remaining beats with rests, except on the odd occasion where it ... isn’t. My best guess is that there must be some seldom traveled path out of the entry tools that doesn’t trigger Finale’s, “I’m not tired” fit.

    I’ve never needed to use Finale’s part extraction features, so I can’t help with that.