Lauds for the Fourth Sunday of Lent?
  • Since I'm now (like all of us?) in the state of being deprived of the Mass at least until Holy Week, I was considering trying to gather a few friends in my house to sing Lauds (LoTH, I'm sadly not familiar enough with the 62' breviary to sing it) Sunday morning. Might anyone have a booklet typed up for Lauds for Laetare, or any of the other coming Sundays? Latin or English would be fine, preferably with the traditional Gregorian psalm tones. I have a Mundelein Psalter that I could use as a fall-back if not. Thanks in advance.
  • Richard R.
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    You are welcome to try my English version.
  • Thank you kindly, gents. Both of these are excellent resources. Richard, out of curiosity, do you have Lauds/Vespers put together for most/all Sundays of the liturgical year? Additionally, might you happen to have accompaniments particularly for the Fourth Sunday of Lent as given above?
  • ryandryand
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    Psalms and canticles for morning and evening prayer of upcoming Sundays (and weekdays) are available at
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  • m_r_taylor
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    If I can figure out how to intone it I want to try monastic Lauds. It's so joyful...
  • Richard R.
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    I have accompaniment for the four antiphons.
  • joerg
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    Frans Kok on his site has always the next Sunday