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    My priest has asked that my family provide music for the Triduum. Up until that point he will be live-streaming Mass on Sundays. What I want to know is what do you think works. My family consists of six children and me. Four of the six kids are very good singers and the little boys are not bad for little boys. I would ask our organist to come in and play if that is necessary. So what do you think we should do? Propers only? Polyphony? Hymns (I don't really get this idea for TV Masses?) My kids sing Gregorian and English propers (Weber, New American etc) well. But is that going to be lively enough? Does it need to be lively? Our Mass is in the OF.

    Any ideas are much appreciated.
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    Am I reading you right that the Triduum is being livestreamed with a very limited number of people actually in the church? To me it would be truly moving to have no organ between Thursday and Saturday's Glorias, and hear only young voices chanting the texts of the Mass beautifully. If the Ordinary can be something your people know and can sing along from their homes, that'd be nice.

    If it's really a small group, then there's really no justification for lengthy hymns or polyphony if it's only Father communing and no procession with the gifts, etc....

    Unless you have the technology to run captions with the translations, I would stick with English chant so the viewers can comprehend what's being sung.
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    Very difficult to comment without knowing your congregation and your priest. I agree with Gamba about sticking to English.
    One thing I would be sure of in my local context, and that is use the Reproaches (which we do not normally). But whether this, or a simple version, I cannot advise.
    "Does it need to be lively?", that must depend on how your priest wants to handle it, which of course may change depending on the course of the epidemic.
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    Gamba and AF...

    I'd like to answer your questions. I think I'm getting a better idea of what we should do.

    1. I think it will be recorded sans congregation. Just those involved in the filming will be there. I don't even think there will be servers/readers etc.
    2. No hymns... I agree. I know people might miss hymns, but there is so much to miss, might as well give them something different.
    3. The congregation: I don't know? We're just a normal suburban parish. We are used to the Latin ordinary. I'm sure that Father will want the Missa Lux.
    4. For everything but the ordinary, we'll stick to English. This will please my priest. He likes the idea that people know what we are singing.
    5. We have used the Reproaches for many years. I have a version from a friend that I would probably use if we had to chant them. But I would prefer to sing this: A couple of my children want to try the Allegri. They are very good singers, (great pitch and one can hit that C and it isn't always needed anyway) but it's really long. The problem I have with singing any version of the Reproaches is their length regardless. But I guess we will need some time here because Father has to leave and get the Eucharist (which means going down a long aisle and into the chapel and then returning.). How do you feel about abbreviating them? I don't want to do anything irreverent.

    6. Any suggestions for polyphony? We may need something longer for the Offertory for the Easter Vigil, but not too long.

    7. Holy Thursday processional organ solo and propers for the incensing?
    8. Easter Vigil recessional, organ solo?

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    Well-known hymns might be appropriate especially if you create a worship aid with the music which people could download ahead of time to participate with. They might like to sing along at home.

    This Joyful Eastertide (Charles wood) makes a great Easter offertory.
    Lots of English polyphony at English Motets page.
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    I've been doing chant propers. Reducing the numbers to just the Lord and all the angels and saints, Fr, server and myself.
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    I wouldn't be too concerned about abbreviating the Reproaches. I only wish the Adoration of the Cross would take long enough to cover them in full, plus the Crux Fidelis. Last year we only finished part 1 of the Reproaches, up to the last repetition of the Trisagion.

    I, of course, would be tempted to take advantage of the captive congregation, and sing them in full - perhaps the argument could be made that hearing the text you sing will be their adoration. But that would probably be unwise...

    I'm also preparing myself for the possibility of a livestream, although our Masses haven't been cancelled yet.
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  • Jes,

    Not to change the subject radically, but how are you and the rest of Australia holding up? Is the fire season behind you, or do you have fires to add to the wretched nuisance bothering the rest of the world ?