Hofer - Stella Caeli
  • L.S.
    Many years ago (in 1993) I sang at a Salzburg festival with the Antwerp Cathedral Boys Choir and I remember a Stella Caeli by Andreas Hofer. In time of pestilence an appropriate prayer ! I can't find it anywhere. I would like to arrange it for TTBB so we could sing it when it is permitted again to celebrate eucharist in public.
  • VocesCapituli,

    I'm unfamiliar with Andreas Hofer, but the text of the Stella Caeli is here posted, in another thread. Periodically composers here post settings of "New compositions/works in progress".

    I didn't know about this prayer and its chant until very recently, but like you, I think polyphonic settings are in order. I have quickly become fond of the chant, mind you.
  • CGM
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    I'm partial to the ATB John Thorne setting. Lovely, and the alto part isn't too high; if you've got countertenors, or high tenors, you should be OK.
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  • Wow, didn't know of the Thorne setting. Thank you!
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Here's the RISM listing for the manuscript, but alas, no image.