St Joseph propers organ accompaniment - EF
  • I can't seem to locate an organ accompaniment for the March 19 propers. We are live-streaming a Mass tomorrow night. Any resources for these?
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    This page has accompaniments from the Nova Organi Harmonia.

    Introit: vol 4, pp. 86-87
    Gradual: vol. 4, p. 90-91
    Tract: vol. 4, pp. 18-19
    Offertory: vol. 4, pp. 13-14
    Communion: vol. 3, p. 114

    Important note: If your choir follows the rhythmic markings of the classic Solesmes chant editions, you'll need to add those marks to the organ scores.

    [UPDATE: corrected the reference for the Communion.--RC]
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  • Thank you very, very much!