A request for English Motet recordings
  • Heath
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    Friends, I added a page on my English Motets website for recordings:


    If you've ever recorded anything from my site or the collections that preceded it (Bread From Heaven, English Motets for the Church Year, Everlasting Joy in You), would you be willing to send it to me via email so I can add it to the site? Thanks!


    Stay healthy, everyone!
  • Heath
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    In addition, they do NOT have to be GREAT recordings...I posted a couple myself that have me botching a note or two. :)
  • I, like many, generally frown on deviations from the original language in church music repertory. However, I must admit that your arrangements are sensitively done and sound very nice. They have about them the air of similar English renaissance repertory. Congratulations. Very nicely done. However, you are not the first to do this: the English have a very long history of 'Englishing' Latin motets of earlier centuries, so you are iin impeccable company.

  • m_r_taylor
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    Ooo, this site would be useful for programming at one of my OF masses...once those get going again after my diocese's complete cancellation.
  • Heath
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    Jackson, I detected a compliment in there so I'll take it as such. :)

    m_r_taylor, don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

    My last newsletter contained samples of new additions, some suggestions for the coming weeks, a beautiful recording by some sisters in Alabama, and a free motet!

    Check it out:
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