Looking for march-like Ave Maria score/information
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    A couple of times while on pilgrimage and at processions, I have heard an arrangement of the Ave Maria that sounds very March-like for lack of a better term. I have found a short video of it on YouTube but I am unable to find any composer/source information. Does anybody have more info on this or possibly a score? Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/P31SxYLkk3o
  • M. Jackson Osborn
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    Very interesting!
    It seems to be French folk-song.
    We rarely hear genuine folk song.
    Very interesting indeed.

    Perhaps our Forum member Marc Cerisier would know the particulars of these songs.
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    This is from the sixth CD Chœur Montjoie Saint-Denis have issued. Looks to be relatively recent (no more than five centuries old).
    Descriptif :
    Embarquons-nous avec les marins, marchons avec les royalistes des XVIe et XXe siècles, avec les soldats de Louis XlV et de Louis XVl, prions avec les Vendéens proscrits et les Poilus dans les tranchées, les routiers scouts de 1942, les légionnaires du maréchal de Lattre, les réfugiés d’Algérie, les dissidents russes, les pèlerins de Chartres… Ces pages de l’histoire de la jeunesse de France et d’Europe au combat sont aussi notre héritage.
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