Noob question re GABC psalm tone tool
  • So here I am at
    I want every 4th verse of Psalm 50, beginning with verse 2 and then (as a separate project) with verse 4 (you can probably guess why.).
    I've loaded only the verses I want in the top right window, with verse numbers.
    The bottom window shows me a proper v. 2 with notation, with v. 6,10,14,18 below it (with their pointing)
    The GABC window above that only shows verse 2, and the generated pdf is only v. 2.

    What am I doing wrong?
  • I believe that is an issue within the tool itself.

    If you are simply looking to print the sample verse with the pointed verses below as you initially describe, right-click in the window showing proper v2 with appropriately pointed verses and choose "print". The print preview will show as the screen does.

    If you actually want a PDF, what I've done in the past is screen-cap (or export verse 2 as PDF and insert) into Word; copy the remaining pointed verses and paste following the image in Word; do any desired formatting and Save As PDF.

    Sorry I don't have a better answer! Good luck!
  • GerardH
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    Use the drop-down list to format verses as gabc - see highlight in screenshot below. The default is to format as html.

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  • Thank you, GerardH! I knew it had to be something incredibly simple that I was missing, and that was it.

    I'm trying to make a roadmap for the Allegri MIserere that won't drive my peeps crazy. (1770 version, not 1880; we have no high Cs, though our pitch sometimes resembles the high seas). I'm certifiably nuts; they've just started singing in 4 parts. But the notes aren't hard, we're using organ, and we aren't doing a 2nd choir (we probably won't get to verse 20 in a typical communion, so I don't have to think yet about which parts we'll leave out). It's a dare; our priest heard a fine performance in our church by a pro choir, and suggested that we do it. I knew he was joking, but I can't take a joke. :-)
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