Invitatorium Options besides Psalm 94
  • Hello there,

    We all know from the Liber Hymnarios that there are chants settings for the Invitatory Psalm 94 in various modes. In the LoTH, it is permitted to use other Psalms..(66,99,23) fact in the Benedictine Schema C...this is expanded to many other psalms. I am just curious how it would be sung in Latin with these other psalms considering that the Invitatory Psalm has a unique setting that is differentiated from when it is sung as a regular psalmody. Anyone have a clue or attempted this?

  • Isaac,

    I'm sorry to be unhelpful, but why would you wish to sing a different invitatory psalm?
  • Hi Chris,

    Not that I want to, I am just saying that options are given and if they are one would think Solesmes would have come out with alternative settings for those Psalms to match the quality of the Invitatory Psalm 94 that we are used to having. Else, I think anyone attempting to sing it will have an elaborate antiphon matched with either recto tono or ordinary mode chanting of Psalms 66,99,23.

    I am curious.

  • CatherineS
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    I may be mistaken, but I suspect that 'melody' of the invitatory is a kind of elaborate psalm tone, and could be applied to other texts if necessary. I only have the download offered above as reference, but singing it to myself the last couple days it seems very psalm-tone-y, with a reciting tone and decorative bits at the opening and closing of phrases and/or at the points of punctuation.