Where to go in Perth Australia
  • Aaron
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    I will be visiting Perth Australia in a few weeks. Any insights and suggestions on where to go to Mass? Would prefer, if possible, a church that has a good pipe organ and uses it.
  • I was last there in Dec 2019. You should visit St Mary's Cathedral, Perth. They have an 1887 Hobday organ from New Zealand and an 1910 Australian Dodd organ.
    The Lady Chapel also has a beautiful fresco of the Immaculate Conception and rich mosaic work.
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  • Aaron,

    We have a resident Australian contributor hereabouts, Jes, who may be able to put you onto just exactly what you're trying to find. Perhaps -- since I don't know how regularly she reads here, now -- you should try sending a PM through the mail system?
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    I have the notion Jes is in Victoria, but I might not be up to date.

    When I was the resident American in a corner of Hannover I was always being asked about Machu Picchu and my protests were answered "But you are from the west coast too, aren't you?"
  • Per a friend from Perth:

    SSPX in Jolimont! Go to the Low Mass. Catholic music all but dead in WA alas!

    Nice churches?
    St Anne’s in Belmont has been redone for the TLM, St Brigid’s in Northbridge is lovely, St Joseph’s in Subiaco also very nice.
    By and large the nice (and undamaged) churches are chapels and not open for Mass in Sundays.

    Large organs at the Basilica in Fremantle but very little choral music going on there.
  • Aaron
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    Thank you all for the suggestions. Unfortunately the trip has been cancelled.