ISO: Mass in Honor of the Immaculate Conception by Rev. (P.) Theophilus Mateju
  • A colleague found this mass setting in a book she picked up at a Catholic estate sale. The book is Manual of Select Catholic Hymns and Devotions (edited) by P.M. Colonel, C.SS.R., copyright 1925. The composer is listed as "Rev. Th. Mateju". She would like to find the accompaniment (the book only has melodies). The earlier version of the book (1885, available via does not contain this mass.

    I found the mass itself on WorldCat at The British Library: Missa in honorem Immaculatae Conceptionis B. Mariae Virginis, for Unison Chorus with Organ accompaniment by P Theophilus Mateju. 1904. (I am wondering if the P is an abbreviation for 'presbyter' or 'pastor' or 'priest'.) I am in the US and the ILL librarian in the county says that there is no way to get books from other countries, nor to request a scan. (I have asked before with the same answer.)

    Would anyone have a contact at The British Library from whom I could inquire regarding getting a copy of the score? Or by any chance does anyone have this in their own or church/seminary/university library? Thank you!

    P.S. There is also a listing on Amazon but it is 'currently unavailable'!
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    There's a Verbum Supernum for TTBB by "TH. MATEJU, C. SS. R." In Vade Mecum, v. 2 (J. Fischer & Bro, 1911)

    You can't request scans through American libraries. It's spendy (digitization departments try to be self-sustaining) and it's a spendy service for libraries to broker.

    BUT...the British Library DOES digitize

    Cheapest option:
    "Digital image for reference (scan)

    £9.65 First image of each item

    £0.43 Subsequent images from the same item"
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  • Thank you, Jeffrey. I'm still 20+ years back, thinking of person-to-person contact in the early days of the Internet!

    I'd already found his motets (including settings of the Marian antiphons) in Vade Mecum v.2. Next I was thinking of searching for Redemptorist places that might have it somewhere. But digitisation is definitely the best direct method!
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    I do have the accompaniment book for this hymnal, MANUAL OF SELECT CATHOLIC HYMNS AND DEVOTIONS; and the composer is listed aS P. Throphilus Mateju, C. Ss. R. The organ accompaniment is 13 pages; I can scan this for you later this week and post it here.
  • @oldhymns--thank you!
  • oldhymnsoldhymns
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    Here is the Mass you requested by P. Theophilus Mateja from the hymnal, MANUAL OF SELECT CATHOLIC HYMNS AND DEVOTIONS. I had not looked at this fine hymnal for quite some time, so it has been fun to go through it once again. It is loaded with gems not found in other publications. It was interesting to note the preponderance of hymns to Mary, under her title, Our Lady of Perpetual Help...not surprising though since the Redemptionist Fathers were involved with its production.

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