Favorite podcasts?
  • CatherineS
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    What are your favorite podcasts? Though I'd particularly love to hear recommendations for podcasts about music, those about history or religion or even cooking or other subjects are welcome.
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  • a_f_hawkins
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    I hate podcasts, such a tediously slow method of passing information.
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  • canadashcanadash
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    I like Psychologistsofftheclock... but not everything.

    I just listened to this one and enjoyed it: https://www.offtheclockpsych.com/podcast/indistractable

    CatherineS, what are your favourites?
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  • CatherineS
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    I have often enjoyed podcasts in specific scenarios: while ironing/washing dishes/cooking; when having a bout of insomnia; when traveling on long trips.

    I used to listen to the whole range of public radio ones, such as Car Talk, Radio Lab, Garrison Keillor and The Splendid Table. I like the pacing, the story-telling, the long format (spending some in-depth time on a subject instead of a newscast two minute summary). Funnily enough I don't generally like audio books, because they go on TOO long - I feel like I need a breather after 10 minutes and there are no pauses to ponder what you just heard (unless you keep going over to the gadget to hit pause).

    More recently I've tried finding some music or religion related podcasts, like That Classical Podcast, Sunday Baroque, Anna's Baroque Bonbons, various in the Ancient Radio (orthodox) series such as Glory to God, Holy Smoke (Vatican/religion news from the UK) and The Josias Podcast (Aquinas-y). None of these have become regular favorites yet, so I was hoping for more ideas. I like mellow, intellectual, eccentric, interesting. Slow pacing is great. Thoughtful discussion is great (and it doesn't have to be a point of view I agree with, particularly, as long as it is thoughtful). Music-wise, sacred music and early music are my favorites.
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