Catholic Girlganist Memes - The Journey
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    Hi all,

    It's been a while and well, since the last update I've contributed very, very little to the Catholic Music scene; mainly focussing on starting my new (much safer) teaching job.
    However, you may find yourself wondering where to get your Catholic Aussie Girlganist humour? WELL look no further!

    Catholic Girlganist Memes is the page for you!

    Run by a small team of extremely good looking Australian sheilas this page gives you everything from Young Fogeys of the Trad scene to Susans from the Lib Parish Council.

    Feel free to send through ideas or your memes! We love crediting good wholesome humour!

    Jes (and the Girlganists of Melbourne)
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    Looking forward to this! So far the link is not working for me...
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    Jes, glad to hear you have a new and safer job. It is hard to move when you feel you are needed, but blessings on your new ventures!
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