Gregorian Institute of Canada 15th Annual Colloquium July 9-12, 2020, Toronto Ontario: Chant Alive!
  • renwick
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    Dear colleagues:
    We are pleased to announce our 15th Annual Colloquium, to be held at St. Augustine's Seminary, Toronto Ontario.
    The preliminary program, registration forms and accommodation information is now available on our website:
    We are delighted to have as our special guest Marcel Peres from France, who will be sharing his vast expertise with us. There will be daily offices of Lauds, Vespers and Compline, full sung mass on Sunday, a choral concert featuring the Adelphi Choir of Toronto, Peter Bishop Director, and an interesting complement of papers on a variety of scholarly and practical topics. We invite you to come and enjoy this wonderful time with us. - - - and take a couple of extra days to explore one of the great cities of the world! (Please note: fees are in Canadian dollars!!)
    William Renwick, program director.
  • ghmus7
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    I am really thinking of going to this! Is anyone here going??
  • canadashcanadash
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    I may, but it depends on my family's commitments. I've been before and it was fabulous. And what will be better this year? The air conditioning! The Seminary is a beautiful building, with a lovely chapel and is on Lake Ontario with a stunning view. And the food was great! You should go and check out Toronto before or after the Colloquium.

  • chonakchonak
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    I'm thinking of attending too; the road trip up from Tampa after the CMAA Colloquium should be a bit of an adventure. :-)
  • I hope to attend if I can obtain funding from either of my parishes or my university. As well, I find myself wondering about whether the schedule would permit commuting in from the other side of town, as it doesn't make much sense to double the fee when I've been making the trek daily into that neck of the woods for nearly a decade at this point.

    Sadly, Toronto is somewhat of a liturgical ghetto aside from the Oratory (St. Vincent de Paul/Holy Family parishes); the most interesting parishes, musically and otherwise, are Protestant.
  • canadashcanadash
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    Schonbergian! I take offence! ;) Doubt we're "interesting", but I'm sure my church is not a "ghetto."

    The last time I attended Mass at the Seminary it was sublime.
  • EvaS
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    I highly recommend this event and hope to attend again this year. I was at the Colloquium held at St. Augustine's Seminary a few summers ago. It was a wonderful conference with presentations by scholars such as Prof. Renwick, Fr. Innocent Smith, Adam Bartlett, to name just a few. (To those who may not know, Prof. Renwick is also well-known for his work in Schenkerian analysis. He has some really excellent publications on the voice-leading structure of Baroque fugues!)
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  • I'll be there almost certainly.
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    I so wish that I could attend, but it is highly unlikely that will be possible.
  • How I wish that I could attend. Besides that I love being in Canada, I expect this will be spiritually and scholastically aedifying to the highest degrees.Too, I love being in Canada.
    Some might enjoy visiting Healey Willan's church, St Mary Magdaleine - or, as they say it in Britain, 'Maudlin'.
  • dhalkjdhalkj
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    Me too. Filling in the registration form right now.
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