Parish recommendation in Naples, Florida (or nearby)
  • Heath
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    A student will be vacationing down there next month and asked for a church where she could experience a reverent liturgy with good music. Recommendations?
  • The oratory at Ave Maria University would fit the bill, although it’s about 45 minutes inland from Naples.

    There’s also an FSSP (EF) Mass in North Naples.
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  • jniven
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    I work at St. Elizabeth Seton in Naples, but I've only been here for 3 months. It's primarily a boomer Parish, but the Pastor is young and fantastic. I'm slowly starting to implement more choral music to the Parish, but its definitely a process.
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  • The FSSP Corpus Christi Chapel is definitely one of the best places for Mass in the Naples area. Their Masses are held in the chapel of St. Agnes Church as they do not yet have their own church building. The 8:45am Mass on Sunday is generally a sung Mass.