Sacred Canons - liturgical and didactic
  • Coe
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    I think this work I've done may be of great help for parishes and schools.

    They are 7 sacred canons, intended to serve the liturgy and to help in music education.
    Indeed, canons are probably the best way of introducing a choir to polyphony.

    I tried to compose canons that are beautiful and didactic.

    I would like them to reach as many people as possible.
    For this, do you think it is better to keep it unpublished (free) or to publish somewhere?
    If publishing, which publisher would you recommend?


    Dr. Henrique Coe
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  • All the link has is a cover page.
  • Following a business model of Jeffrey Tucker, offer them for sale on Amazon and also post them for free on the MusicaSacra page of English Music.

    It works.

    Then you can market them through a publisher, which takes time, but gets you notice from their customer list.

    You write gorgeous music.

    Noel Jones, AAGO

  • CatherineS
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    I'm really enjoying hearing the examples on your site. Beautiful!