Franck Panis Angelicus
  • I'm looking for an edition of this for horn instead of cello & I wondered whether someone on here actually has it. I know it exists as I played (& sang) it in a country house in France. Sadly, I'm no longer there & the music collection has been 'dispersed'. I know it's relatively simple to just give my horn player the cello version & tell him to get on with it, but I thought I'd ask.
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    If you're accompanying a tenor you could give your player the E-flat low voice version and ask "do you have a horn in F-sharp?" I do think I've seen a D-major transposition once: it's a shame the IMSLP page has only A & G at present. Surely though it's the work of only a few minutes to copy a horn part!
  • I have a very old printed copy for horn and piano. The piano part is in B-flat. If you're interested, I can scan and e-mail to you.
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