Good ways to thank your choir
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    My choir went above and beyond on Sunday, singing at an extra Mass in the afternoon. I would like to thank them in some small way for this particular sacrifice.

    Any thoughts on what to do? I thought about bringing a dessert, or fruit or something like that. I thought I would ask if you have any fabulous ideas.
  • Plan a dinner. Doesn't necessarily have to be at someplace fancy. Even if it's a potluck in the church hall, your choir will love it. It gives you a chance to socialize. Bring alcoholic "vocal preservatives", if you will.
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  • Set the bar higher, and allow them to sing successfully a piece which, without their superlative efforts, they would not have sung well.

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    Give them a week off for good behavior.
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  • My wife, Susan, and I entertain our choir at our home with a full.dinner at least three times per year. We also enjoy wine and snacks in parish hall's kitchen a few times per year.
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    That is AMAZING Cesarfranck! I live a drive away from my parish, so I'm not sure they would want to come to my home... but I ended up making everyone buttertarts and there were enough to take home and share!
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  • Constant praise for the slightest progress, though never if it is not appropriate and truly earned. They will know, or learn, the difference and appreciate the well-deserved encouragement.

    Have at least two choir parties a year - at your or a member's home. Have cookies and coffee, or cheese and wine, etc., after choir in the choir hall or parish hall at regular intervals throughout the year.

    Have a week's recess of rehearsals (excepting Sundays) after Christmas and Easter.

    Also, never fail to 'reward them' by demanding of them their best.

    Children will gladly and proudly earn crosses to wear during mass over their vestments. Different stages of achievement or years in the choir can be signified by crosses that are silver vx gold, worn with ribbons of differing colours for grades of achievement or years of service.
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    We have done various things:

    Gift cards for Christmas, recess of practice the week following Christmas and Easter (as MJO suggested), dinner at a choir member's house, a potluck, a bowling outing for the combined choirs and their families, and a soccer outing for the Spanish choir.
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    I do:

    -Recess after Xmas/Easter
    -Quality snacks and wine after Midnight Mass and Easter Vigil (middle of night, folks have just sung big music for hours)
    -Abundant praise immediately via email and in person at the rehearsal immediately after the rare Mass when all notes were right AND intonation was good AND diction was clear AND the singing was exceptionally musical.
    -Thanks privately and before other singers to individuals who have made a special effort (learning a solo, mending a robe, coming to rehearsal after pulling a double shift in the ER, etc.)
    -Individual and personal thank-you notes to each singer in the Octave of Easter, for singing 4 liturgies in the preceding week, the majority at weird times of day and unaccompanied.

    Through the generosity of several choir members, we always have parties at the start of the season, at Christmas, and a barbecue at the end of the year. I have a small apartment in which you can barely cram ten people for five awkward minutes, so we go to various peoples’ homes, and either we all bring a dish and drinks, or the parish pays for pizza, or someone offers to cook enough for everyone. Occasionally, we adjourn to a nearby bar after rehearsal, but this has become less common and less fun for all as more minors have joined us.

    Every year, also, the parish has an Appreciation Brunch for all volunteers (lectors, altar guild, servers, ushers – everyone). This is held at The Sort Of Fancy Place Where Lunch Will Put You Out About $25, so it’s decently attractive, and all volunteers go free and can bring a guest for $10 and enjoy a solid 4 courses and a cash bar. So the singers can go to that if they like, and many do.