Post your Presentation or Candlemass Worship Aids
  • ghmus7
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    Here is ours. I think the worship aide is better than the music, which was rather pedestrian this Sunday.
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  • Bobby Bolin
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    Chanted Nunc Dimittis
    The King of Glory
    Heritage Mass
    Christ Be Our Light
    Postlude Improv on St. Elizabeth
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  • GambaGamba
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    This is ours. First time Candlemas has fallen on a Sunday since I’ve been here. It was decided not to print a 1-off worship aid for the high Mass this week, but to wedge everything on the front of the bulletin next to the masthead, where stuff would have to be anyway for the other 3 Masses.

    This usually works fine when it’s the Nth Sunday OT and nothing really special going on. This week it was tight and the secretary did battle royal with Publisher, and it worked, albeit not with the usual parallel Latin/English we usually can do for chant/polyphony.
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  • Bobby Bolin
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    Side note @ghmus7

    Love that you are using People's Mass. Haven't heard it in a long time.
  • Kathy
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    We had 10 verses of Of the Father's Love Begotten.

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  • cesarfranck
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    Organ: several early English Flute voluntaries
    Choir: "In His temple now behold Him" JM Haydn
    "King of Glory" to Gwalchalmai
    Hymns: "Love divine" Hyfrydol
    "How lovely is Thy-dwelling place" McBain
    "Let all mortal flesh". Picardy
    "Savior, again, to Thy dear Name" Ellers
    Anglican Chant: Nunc Dimittis - John Blow
    Gloria and Sanctus: Sewanee Service - Malcolm Archer

  • Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, Indianapolis.
  • St. John's in Goshen, IN.
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  • I've not yet been permitted to prepare service folders for the people...

    Here's what we did:

    St. Mary, Help of Christians
    Sleepy Eye, Minnesota
    9:45 Ordinary Form Principal Mass
    St. Mary's Caecilian Choir & Elementary Choristers
    St. Mary's Parish Brass Choir

    Prelude: Andante Religioso for Horn & Organ, B. Müller op. 74
    Procession: "A light of revelation," ICEL Chant
    Introit: chanted in English, SMC setting
    Hymn: "In His Temple Now Behold Him" ST. THOMAS (brass & timpani)
    Ordinary: Mass of Wisdom, Janco (with brass parts by A. Hirsch)
    Psalm / G.A.: Alstott (with flute)
    Offertory: "Beautiful Savior" ST. ELIZABETH, arr. for brass & choir SMC
    Communion: Proper Chant, then "Sing of Mary" PLEADING SAVIOR
    Recessional: "Joy to the World" (scheduled but axed in favor of St. Blaise Blessings)
    During Blessing of Throats: Hornpipe, G.F. Händel (not that one) horn & organ
    Trio Sonata III in d-moll, BWV 527, 3. Vivace

    Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church
    Mankato, Minnesota
    4.15 p.m. EF Sung Mass without Blessing / Procession of Candles
    Ss. Peter and Paul Latin Mass Choir and Friends

    Prelude: Aria, "Ich habe genug," from BWV 82, J.S. Bach (organ & baritone)
    Entrance Procession: Organ Improvisation
    Asperges: Asperges Me
    Propers: Full, men's schola
    Ordinary: Missa "O Magnum Mysterium," Rev. T.L. de Victoria (K,G,S,B), Mass IX (A) -- Credo I
    Offertory Motet: Ave Maris Stella Rev. C. Rossini
    Communion Motet: O Magnum Mysterium, Rev. T.L. de Victoria
    Recessional: "Beautiful Savior," arr. SMC
    Chorale Prelude & Postlude: "Es ist das Heil uns kommen her," BWV 638 (softly during the Last Gospel, leading into the hymn, and then with full registration as a tag to the hymn)
  • kevinfkevinf
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    St. Luke Palm Springs,FL OF mostly in Latin
    Ecce advenit before greeting
    Lumen ad Revelationem with Nunc Dimittis verses
    Introit:Suscepimus Domine
    Mass VIII Gloria
    Credo III
    Off: Diffusa est Gratia
    Nunc Dimittis G. Burgon (with Trumpet)
    Sanctus/Benedictus: Messe Basse Faure (Girls choir)
    Agnus: Messe Basse faure (Girls choir)
    Comm::Viderunt Oculi Mei (Weber)
    Communion for Tournemire l'Orgue Mystique. Office 11
    Rec: In His temple (St. Thomas)
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Glad I'm not the only one without a pdf: our aid is a wooden hymn board and hangs next to the sanctuary by a nail. After a little discussion with our pastor, it turned out the assistant priest would preside at the choir Mass, so we went back to the 3 hymn sandwich instead of the open-face plan, the candle blessing (GIA's "A light of revelation to the nations", mode viii) happening at the altar instead of the entrance. Offertory was Gibbons' Nunc from the Short Service.
  • rich_enough
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    Cathedral Parish, Bridgeport, CT
  • BrophyBoy
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    Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans

    Only addition is the Sortie which was the Prelude and Fuge in F Major of Buxtehude. Loriane Llorca, Saint Louis Cathedral Basilica Young Artist-in-Residence, was the organist.
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  • TLM Community, Diocese of Raleigh
    First Sunday Mass: Missa Cantata
    Missa De Angelis, Credo III, Gregorian propers with the exception of Chants Abreges for the Gradual and Alleluia

    Processional: O Sion, open wide thy gates (Bedford)
    Vesting music after Asperges: Lumen ad revelationem gentium
    Offertory: Ave Maria, virgo serena (chant) after the Offertorium
    O salutaris (after Second Elevation)
    Communion: Alma redemptoris mater (Garau)
    Verbum supernum/O salutaris (sung alternatim with Abbe Duguet's chorale)
    Recessional: Alleluia, sing to Jesus
    Thanksgiving after Mass: Anima Christi

    This Mass is offered on the first Sunday of the month only, and is often Low Mass; this was the first Missa Cantata since May 2019 for various reasons, mainly having to do with priest availability. My schola was formed in 2008 to provide the chant for this Mass and has since branched out to assisting with some Sundays and holy days at one or the other of two parishes in the diocese with Sunday EF Masses. They also assist when I teach chant workshops. We are all volunteers.

    The Mass is sandwiched into the cathedral's regular schedule at 4:30 pm, between a Spanish-language NO and the campus ministry NO, so we were unable to have either blessings and procession beforehand or candle and throat blessings afterwards, and we used the slightly-time-saving Chants Abreges in the middle. But we still ended up singing nine verses of the Communio after the two other Communion pieces!

    This particular Missa Cantata was the first one that our schola sang alone (not with the small parish schola at my home parish) for four of our members, a mom and her two teenage sons plus one other teen. There were a couple of glitches but I was very happy with it overall and the congregation was very appreciative.

    I have attached the bulletin that I prepared for the Mass.
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  • Oakland, CA. The Cathedral of Christ the Light
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  • Caleferink
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    St. Mary's, Tampa

    Introit/Lighting of Candles: Behold... (RM chant)
    Procession: A light of revelation... (RM chant)
    Gloria: Mass of Redemption (Janco)
    Psalm 24: (Proulx/Gelineau)
    Alleluia: Mass of Redemption
    Offertory: Of the Father's Love Begotten (Isele)
    Sanctus/Mysterium/Amen/Agnus: Mass of Redemption
    Communion: My eyes... (Weber) + Psalm 98: All the Ends of the Earth (Haas/Haugen - Confiteor Deo omnipotenti...)
    Recessional: Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly (PLEADING SAVIOR)
  • St. John Nepomucene Cleveland, Ohio
  • We just do a seasonal worship aid which contains the ordinaries for the liturgical season and a section in the back with the printed introit hymn and words for the offertory and communion chants for each Sunday. Here's what we did last Sunday:

    Our Lady of Fatima, Seattle, WA
    Introit: C. Tietze's Hymn Introit
    Kyrie: ICEL
    Other ordinaries: Norah Duncan's Mass of the Holy Name of Jesus
    Psalm: Gelineau
    Offertory: Adam Bartlett's Simple English Proper, The Presentation by Rachel Aarons (St. James Music Press), In His Temple Now Behold Him (ST THOMAS)
    Communion: Andrew Motyka's Laudate Communion Antiphon, Te Deum by Marty Haugen
    Closing: Crown Him With Many Crowns

    This is a pretty representative mix of what we're doing around here these days. And in case this looks appealing and you'd like to live in a place that just set a record for rainfall in January, we're also looking for an organist!