Up against what now!?
  • Pastor hates music, hates the sound of it, hates waiting for it, hates singing it, hates us, hates paying us and the fact he has to pay us, hates seeing us show up. And every time I see him I am stuck with a sense of “wow I used to think highly of this individual.” O here comes his fake smile now.
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    But other than that, things are fine!!
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  • If it was another musician that hated us, now I just couldn’t stand for that. Business [sic] as usual.
  • Is there any chance you could talk with him about his opinions and attitudes?
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    I mean, what would make him pleased? All Masses being spoken, without any music whatsoever? That doesn’t sound like a good plan at most parishes
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    Do you have a lot of TLM Low Masses?
  • I can lend you a handful of adorable older ladies with brutal nasal voices who will enthusiastically launch into hymns from the congregation throughout any 'low' Mass, OF or EF, at no charge, whether you like it or not. The pastor will plead for the choir to come back.
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    Prayers are sent
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    I'm sure there's a hospital somewhere that needs a chaplain.
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  • I had a pastor at a previous parish who was much the same way - as little music as possible while still keeping the appearance that it mattered, hymns had to end the second he reached the chair or finish whatever he was doing (even meant having to stop in the middle of the second stanza of Wondrous Love once), considered it fluff. The sadder part is that I had heard him sing, and he was an excellent singer.
  • Pastor’s prayers have been answered. My doctor called to remind me to refill one of my medications. I said sure as soon as that paycheck comes in. You see, this goes deeper than the prevalent disdain clergy posses over music and musicians. Musicians are economically minimized by the dioceses (bishops) themselves.
  • I will let St. Peter sort out his opinions and attitudes. It’s not in my job description.