Sunday of the Word of God
  • What was done at your place today to observe the (first) Sunday of the Word Of God?

    We were given a common prayer to recite off a card, more or less as an adjunct to the Prayers ofthe Faithful. (We were told that the prayer was requested to be recited by the Holy Father, although to be honest I doubt this, for logistical reasons.)
  • Andrew,

    Why would you doubt such a claim? (please notice the lack of purple).
  • Well, because the literal text of the prayer would have had to be translated into all the official prayer jargons of the world, disseminated, and printed up, in at most the six months since this was first announced. Now if they actually did that, I'm chastened and impressed.
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  • Andrew,

    Given that the final report of one recent synod was produced before the synod finished, I would think it quite within the realm of possibility that such a prayer could be distributed.
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    I received notice about Word of God Sunday too late to do much about it. Music and programs had already been given to too many people to call them back and change them. So I threw in an organ piece by Bach based on the hymn "Word of God Come Down to Earth." We didn't even get the prayer card mentioned above.
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  • Here at Breda (the Netherlands) nothing really special, apart from a very good homily centered on the Word of God and a couple of verses of Psalm 119 as the entrance chant, with Ps 119, 105 as the antiphon.

    After Mass however, everyone got a wonderful booklet of the Catholic Bible Foundation, published especially for this occasion. For every day until the commemoration of St Hieronymus, it contains a short meditation on the readings of the day and a prayer. Just like Pope Francis handed out the Bible to all the faithful today after Mass :)
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    Not mentioned at Mass. Not mentioned in the reflection for the Sunday on the Archdiocese website. Not mentioned in the weekly A3 sheet on the back of which we print our parish newsletter. I doubt it appears in our diocesan Ordo, but since I have not yet received a copy, I can't be sure. (I understand that the parish copy arrived at the end of last week). And I live in the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Liverpool, England, not the highlands of New Guinea. [END OF RANT]
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  • Opening hymn today was “Word of God, Come Down on Earth” at my diocese’s cathedral. Father mentioned it briefly in his homily, too.
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    Absolutely nothing at all.
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  • We had the Bishop as celebrant, and nary a word was whispered about WOG Sunday.
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  • At Walsingham and throughout the Ordinariate we celebrated today as the Third Sunday after the Epiphany. We have heard of no such 'Word of God' prayers. (Incidentally, next Sunday, the Presentation, we will celebrate Bishop Lopes' fourth anniversary as bishop. Please keep us and him in your prayers.)
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    3rd Sunday per Annum for us, nothing about "Word of God Sunday": though in all, we probably have more scripture in our liturgies than anyone else, since we sing the Propers, and Vespers (for 3rd Sunday after Epiphany) is almost all scripture.
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    Boston's cathedral: no mention/acknowledgement in any way.
  • 3rd Sunday ofter Epiphany. Not part of our calendar. So nothing.
  • At the two Masses our pastor celebrated and the deacon preached, nary a word (pardon the pun) was said about it, the deacon instead focusing his homily on the whole fishers of men part - complete with fishing rod and all (no purple). The associate pastor, who celebrated the solemn Mass this Sunday, probably said the most about it in his homily, but it still wasn't his main focus. The retired monsignor who regularly assists us on Sundays said the last Mass, and outside of his mention of how the Evangeliary was processed in solemnly at the start of Vatican II (he was a bishop's secretary during the council) didn't really say much about it himself.

    We were told that the prayer was requested to be recited by the Holy Father, although to be honest I doubt this, for logistical reasons.

    I never heard of any prayer being distributed by the Holy Father for this at all, let alone for everyone to recite during Mass. Andrew, I think whoever said that about the prayer card you mentioned in your OP was trying to pull one over on everyone else.
  • It was mentioned in the introduction to the day's liturgy, featured in one of the petitions, but was otherwise not really observed.

    It was also the opening of Catholic Schools' Week for us, and our parish runs a preK-12 school.
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    Big, fat nothing burger.
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    Pastor gave it a two-sentence shoutout in his 4-minute homily, essentially that the light has shone upon us, Jesus calls us to follow him; the Pope asked us to draw near to the Word of God for enlightenment and to encounter Jesus. Remainder as usual.

    Assistant preached for 16 minutes about SOTWOG and scripture and tradition and development of the Bible and Protestants who know the Bible and Catholics being addicted to phones or TV but never reading the Bible.

    He also took a more circuitous route to the ambo with the Gospel book and held it up for adoration, and then after the Gospel, walked around and put the book out on the front ledge of the ambo for the duration of his homily; certainly well-intentioned, but unexpected, and I think entirely of his own creation.
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    Our readers were all called up for a blessing.