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    Dear Friends ~ Gregorio: any tips on how to include a modern slur to be included between a two note punctum would be helpful. Trying to define half steps in a tutorial on modes. Many thanks
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    The documentation for Gregorio (version 5 and later) describes a feature for adding slurs, but I have not succeeded in getting reasonable-looking results. Some versions of the "oslur" and "uslur" command produce runtime errors. I've sent a question to the gregorio-users e-mail group at googlegroups.com about this, and I recommend joining the e-mail group if you want to follow up on the issue.

    The best (not very good) result I got was with this GABC code:
    (c4)A(g)ve(g[oslur:1{]ggfed[oslur:1}]) (;) A(g)ve(g[oslur:1{]gghiji[oslur:1}])


    Note: I was running this with version 5.2.1 of Gregorio (release documentation here), installed on my home system using the TeXLive distribution. The on-line Gregorio processing sites are not using this edition yet. Also, the sample code has to be processed twice (!) with lualatex to produce the slur graphic: some TeX graphics involve a two-phase process.
  • Perhaps more helpful would be the ability to have the Do and Fa lines in a different colour from the other lines. This would help point out a very large proportion of half steps.
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