Hymn for a Bishop
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    Are there any hymns suitable for celebrating ordained ministry, particularly the Episcopate? We want to honor a retired bishop on his anniversary but he wants just a simple Mass. That sort of excludes any Ecce Sacerdos/Saverdos et Pontifex - and besides it is beyond the capacity of the daily Mass "choir" who will be singing for the occasion. But I was wondering if there might be any suitable and more specific hymns beyond general Thanksgiving hymns, or hymns around the Psalm 23 theme.......
  • Maybe one about St Peter - "Thou Art the Christ, O Lord" https://hymnary.org/text/thou_art_the_christ_o_lord

    I've done that to DARWALL, but there are other tunes on that page that are possible.
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    There are definitely office hymns for bishops who are saints, but I would hesitate to adapt and use them for a living bishop. (St Therese used to unpetal flowers before images of saints as a sign of reverence, but would never do so for anyone on this side of the veil.)

    Would other hymns about shepherds work? One of my favorites is in the St Gregory Hymnal, Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep. The harmonization is quite lovely imho.

  • There is a beautiful "Tu es Sacerdos" I believe by Hildegard von Bingham; that might be appropriate. It's for treble voices, 3 part.
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    We use to sing "Juravit" by Cardinal O'Connell but I really think that's for a first time priest so it might not be suitable. Check with forum member oldHymns he has a pretty good collection of music and might have something he would recommend.
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  • Ecce Sacerdos by Stadler (recording, can't find the score at the moment, but I've sung the Stadler for Cardinal Burke once and it is very lovely and accessible if you can track down the score) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnT-t94ZOeM. It's basically an SATB hymn. Was in the St. Gregory hymnal I believe.
  • Don,

    Big fan of that! A true guilty pleasure. Genuine guilt, immense pleasure.
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    PLTT, here the SATB hymn Ecce Sacerdos from St. Gregory hymnal.

    NihilNominis, I like the link. I didn't know St. Mary's in Massillon made a recording like that; beautiful!
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  • Here's something a little different. In college Leo Nestor had our choir sing this simple anthem of his own hand, titled "Simon, Son of John, Do You Love Me?" The piece utilizes the gospel text in which Jesus commissions Peter.
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    Another possibility is "Lovely Appear," with its biblical reference, by Gounod.
  • There's a wonderful text I used to sing, "Turn back, O Man, forswear thy foolish ways", but it's only appropriate for the retirement of some bishops.
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    The chorus "How lovely are the messengers" from Mendelssohn's "Elijah" is fairly easy and just over three minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8j-w9Qwts4

    (For small choirs, SAB and SSA arrangements are available commercially.)
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    This is an easy and kind of sweet contemporary treatment of the text Chonak mentions https://www.jwpepper.com/How-Beautiful-upon-the-Mountain/1228394.item
  • I’ve used Leo’s Simon, Son of John during installation vespers for a Bishop—it is stunning.

  • Stainer's "How lovely are the feet of them" is worth consideration.