Bishop Nelson Perez to Philadelphia
  • Bobby Bolin
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    Rumors on the internet say Perez will be the next Archbishop of Philadelphia. Not a long stay in Cleveland.
  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    Interesting, he is coming to my parish of St. Paul's in Akron, this Saturday's vigil mass to celebrate our 100th anniversary as a parish and close our 40 hours.
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    I had somebody try to frame this as "Good bishop replaced by bad bishop". Retirement age is what it is. Chaput was going to be replaced by somebody Pope Francis wanted, because that's part of the job. It could have been a John Stowe. Bp. Perez hasn't been in Cleveland long enough for me to form an opinion, He hasn't interfered with the Latin Mass community, or done much of anything good or bad. He has roots in Philly. It might be the best thing possible for them.

    As for us in the D. of Cleveland, of course I'm nervous
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  • Liam
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    I am curious how Bp Perez end up in Cleveland - did he have a connection? The reason I ask is that, after about the first year of ternae under Pope Francis, he's notably tended to appoint ordinaries with some connection to the places appointed (as is the case with Bp Perez now) - very different from the situation that obtained for a long time before that.
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    I don't recall a connection. I think he was a guy that Francis/the nuncio wanted to move forward, and Cleveland needed somebody.