Chants categorized by mode
  • Dear Friends-I am in need of a list of chants categorized by mode. A while back someone responded and send me a partial but long list. I can not find where I stored it. If any one has such a resource it would be very helpful for my purposes. Many thanks, jayne
  • Jayne, not sure if it is what you are looking for... but there is an alphabetical table in the back of the Liber Usualis (available online or as a PDF download) which lists all of the chants in the L.U. with mode and type of chant, in alphabetical order.

    So, beginning with Introits, they'll appear in alphabetical order. The number before the name of the Introit indicates the mode. The number following is the corresponding page number in the L.U.

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  • a_f_hawkins
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    There are websites which can do something like that. But you don't say what chants you are looking for, there are over forty thousand, so any list will be looong.
    Global Chant Database has mode and there is probably some way of sorting by mode.
    And the University of Regensburg has Graduals and the office Antiphons and they will give a sorted list by clicking on 'modus'. Unfortunately any instructions are in German, which I do not understand, but I know I get a sorted list, starting with a long block with no mode listed, another long block with mode given as ".," before getting to "1".
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    On the synopticum websites, select Modus from the Filter menu, click +Filter hinzufügen, then type the number of the mode you wish to search for and press enter. Within a few seconds, it will generate a list of chants in that mode.