Classical Music on YouTube
  • For my children's choir and piano students, I'm putting together a list of YouTube videos for more classical music exposure and am looking for some more videos. Do you have some favorites to add or that you use to teach with?

    These are for the students to listen to on their own time. Ages 4-8

    Thank you!
  • There are numerous youtube videos of child prodigies. Just google child piano prodigies. These are nice for very young students as a lesson in what young students can accomplish. Another good thing for students to observe are master classes by Schiff, Barenboim, and others. Too, you could choose certain listening (outside of practice time!) for all your students of any age. I require such at regular intervals. There are many videos of concertos or recitals at the BBC Proms, Krystian Zimerman, Barenboim, Daniil Trifonov, Ivo Pogorelich, even Rubenstein, and many other pianists which would be very educational for students of any age.
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  • I always worry posting youtube links, as any forum topic becomes a link dump and you can spend hours in the youtube hole!

    So I will limit myself to just one:
  • Benjamin Grosvenor at 12 in the BBC Young Musician of the Year playing Ravel's piano concerto.
  • Just start with a few and let the YouTube suggestions take you the rest of the way. I can lose an hour or more doing this with liturgical music.