Missa Cum Jublio - Marian?
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    Someone had remarked to me that the Missa Cum Jubilo is only for Marian liturgies or should be oriented toward that. Any truth in this? Can it be used for other Sundays?
  • In the EF, nearly all of the Ordinaries in the Kyriale have recommendations for their use which are either strong or weak. I'm not sure that those same recommendations have the same weight in the OF.

    Mass I, IX, and XVII are fairly strong recommendations (Paschaltide, Marian, Sundays of Advent / Lent), and the other Mass recommendations are fairly weak. That doesn't mean you can't use Mass IX in other situations, but it is traditionally for something Marian. Conversely, I don't feel obliged to use IX (or X) for a Marian feast - although I'm most likely to. I might use Mass II for the Immaculate Conception, as an example.

    If I use IX for a non-Marian Mass, it it typically something still with an oblique connection. For example, I've used it for All Saints - given that Mary is the Queen of all the saints.

    Recommendations periodically change... here is a quick synopsis of recommendations I've seen identified for the Kyriale:
    Mass I = Paschaltide
    Mass II, III = First Class feasts
    Mass IV, V, VI, VII and VIII = Second Class feasts
    Mass VIII = I've seen a recommendation for Christmas time
    Mass IX, X = Marian feasts
    Mass XI = Sundays throughout the year (green Sundays)
    Mass XII, XIII, XIV = Third Class feasts
    Mass XIV = previously associated with Octaves
    Mass XV = Christmas time (previously for simple feasts)
    Mass XVI = Ferial days throughout the year
    Mass XVII = Sundays of Advent or Lent
    Mass XVIII = Ferial days of Advent or Lent

    Bottom line... although it is true that it is traditionally oriented toward Marian feasts, there is no hard and fast rule that prohibits you from using it in other circumstances.
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    Also, there is a rubric (p. 78 in the Liber Usualis) indicating that those assignments are not a hard and fast rule; rather, it is fine to mix and match chants from them on Sundays and feasts.
  • The Cum jubilo mass, while indicated for Marian feasts, may well be sung at other times. In the Episcopal world (and the Ordinariate) it appears in Old Church English in the back of the 1940 as the 'Fourth Communion Service', commonly called the 'Missa Marialis'. It is an unusual Episcopal church which does not sing this for certain seasons. Credo I, the Sarum credo, is also in the back of the 1940. All this puts the lie to the absurd assertion that congregations can't sing these ordinaries....

    At Walsingham this mass is sung at various times. Our people sing it like a choir of monks.
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  • At our Marian parish (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) at the EF we sing Cum jubilo for anything remotely Marian. I have transcribed the Hymnal 1940 accompaniment for the Kyrie, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei; we use the NOH accompaniment for the Gloria and Credo III. (It helps that most of the musicians are converts from Anglicanism :-) But that particular accompaniment does seem to encourage singing by the congregation. YMMV
  • I've seen Missa cum jubilo used for nuptial Masses numerous times. It seems fitting for such an occasion.
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