Diocesan Schools of Music?
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    Colleagues! I again ask to tap into your collective genius. Josef Rheinberger was known to work to better Catholic music within his diocese. Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens established a school of music for his diocese. Do we know of other great composers who did the same in a manner such as Rheinberger or Lemmens? Please note: I'm not speaking of composers who composed volumes of beautiful music. So, therefore, while I adore Palestrina, I'm specifically looking for musicians who were working to improve music within their diocese by establishing a school or other similar institution. I hope this makes sense. A thousand thanks to you!
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    Here is a contemporary model. https://www.dioceseofleedsmusic.org.uk/
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    Don't forget the amazing choir school in Salt Lake City, founded not by a composer, but by an organist/choirmaster.
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    Is there some background to this post that I'm missing?
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    No, you're not missing any background. I'm doing some research into composers who were tasked with finding diocesan schools to better music within their dioceses. I'm looking for examples like Lemmens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemmensinstituut
  • Every (Anglican) cathedral in Britain has a choir school.
    Catholic Britons have but one - Westminster Cathedral, London.

    In all the US the mere two full time choir boarding schools are -
    Catholic - Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City, and
    Episcopal - St Thomas' Church, New York
    There was, a number of years ago, one at the (Episcopal) Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul (better know as 'National Cathedral') in Washington, D.C. It has been defunct for quite some time.
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    I’ve heard that Omaha, NE has a very impressive program for training local musicians and improving music at the parish level. I’m sure they’re dealing with a lot of very small parishes and rural space with volunteers - but they’re working to improve things (as far as I’ve heard - no first hand knowledge).
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    MJO - Is there no longer a choir school (non-boarding) at Grace Cathedral (Episcopal) in San Francisco? The last I heard, there was still a men and boys choir.