Diocesan Schools of Music?
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    Colleagues! I again ask to tap into your collective genius. Josef Rheinberger was known to work to better Catholic music within his diocese. Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens established a school of music for his diocese. Do we know of other great composers who did the same in a manner such as Rheinberger or Lemmens? Please note: I'm not speaking of composers who composed volumes of beautiful music. So, therefore, while I adore Palestrina, I'm specifically looking for musicians who were working to improve music within their diocese by establishing a school or other similar institution. I hope this makes sense. A thousand thanks to you!
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    Here is a contemporary model. https://www.dioceseofleedsmusic.org.uk/
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    Don't forget the amazing choir school in Salt Lake City, founded not by a composer, but by an organist/choirmaster.
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    Is there some background to this post that I'm missing?
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    No, you're not missing any background. I'm doing some research into composers who were tasked with finding diocesan schools to better music within their dioceses. I'm looking for examples like Lemmens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemmensinstituut
  • Every (Anglican) cathedral in Britain has a choir school.
    Catholic Britons have but one - Westminster Cathedral, London.

    In all the US the mere two full time choir boarding schools are -
    Catholic - Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City, and
    Episcopal - St Thomas' Church, New York
    There was, a number of years ago, one at the (Episcopal) Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul (better know as 'National Cathedral') in Washington, D.C. It has been defunct for quite some time.
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    I’ve heard that Omaha, NE has a very impressive program for training local musicians and improving music at the parish level. I’m sure they’re dealing with a lot of very small parishes and rural space with volunteers - but they’re working to improve things (as far as I’ve heard - no first hand knowledge).
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  • MJO - Is there no longer a choir school (non-boarding) at Grace Cathedral (Episcopal) in San Francisco? The last I heard, there was still a men and boys choir.
  • Ken - I just checked on their website.

    Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, has a Cathedral School for Boys, not a choir school, which was founded in the 1950s. It currently has 50 staff and 261 boys, grades K-8.
    Though music and choir are important aspects of the curriculum, Cathedral School for Boys is neither a choir nor a boarding school.
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    Are you aware of the Académie Musicale de Liesse in France ? It is a boarding choir school instituted by Vianney Châtillon near the basilica of Notre-Dame de Liesse in France. The boys sing Vespers every day at the Basilica, with the blessing of the diocese.

    I understand the creation of another school of the same model not far from Solesmes is under reflexion, but the first one has regular financial difficulties and it seems to have delayed the project.