Dextera Domini, FWV 65,0 Cesar Franck --English SAB version
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    I am in search of an SAB arrangement of Cesar Franck's Dextera Domini. I have used the Sowerby arrangement previously. However, my choir becomes very frustrated with this version as altos must choose between the tenor, which they despise reading, and alto parts. I only have one tenor and two basses. Thus, an SAB version that has more clarity than the Sowerby would be much easier for choir to master for Easter Day. Thanks for any suggestions as to other editions of arrangements that are available. We will need to sing with an English translation.
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    Will this do? It's basically Claude Tallet's CPDL edition with Alto in place of Tenor, plus a few formatting tweaks. I just dashed it off now.
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  • cesarfranck
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    Thank you, C. H. Giffen. This is exactly what I need except for using an English translation. You are very kind.
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    Nice! This is great. The copy I use doesn't have the rests for the organ. This is much better on first glance. Thanks!
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