A little off-topic: Website and logo design
  • Hi!

    I am looking for a catholic who does web and logo design. Preferably someone who knows a little (or a lot) about sacred music and has some background in catholic art - I know I am asking for a miracle!

    Do you know of someone in that business? A friend or a relative perhaps?
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    Try this company: https://www.longbeard.com
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  • francis
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    I might qualify for your interest.


    If you click the 'about' page, you will see my CV and learn some about corporate branding, website dev and more.

    A google search on francis koerber will show my other websites that include my Catholic art and music endeavors... (by the way, when you do a google search, you have to include the -obituary boolean search term or you wind up with a lot of dead people... :)

    francis koerber, -obituary
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