New Schola Cantorum -- Dayton / Huber Heights, Ohio
  • At St. Peter Church and the other Region XII parishes of north Dayton and Huber Heights, Ohio:

    We are starting a Schola Cantorum to study and sing Gregorian chant. Members of the schola will learn traditional chant notation, Latin and English chants. No prior knowledge of music notation required, just willingness to learn. With sufficient singers, we hope to undertake some polyphony as well. Contact Gregory Weber,

    This is a "garage schola" which is being formed in an effort to restore the forgotten treasure of sacred music in this community, with the approval of the pastor and the St. Peter (largest parish's) music director, but with the understanding that we will not be singing regularly at any mass any time soon. We hope to build an awareness and love of chant in our community through other activities, which might include:

    - Sunday Vespers (Evening Prayer)
    - Singing for the sick and shut-ins, in their homes or in hospitals
    - Youth outreach, chant camp
    - Funerals, for any who desire the traditional requiem chants
    - Singing at masses for special days -- Christmas, Pentecost, etc.
    (invited by the St. Peter Music Director)
    - A sacred concert (suggested by the Pastor)

    [Even] if you can't sing with us, please pray for us.

    I'm sure I will be asking for much advice in this forum.

  • Best of luck from down the road in Cincinnati!
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  • Best of luck from Columbus!
  • And I wish you success and joy from down here in Houston.
    (All of you up there please throw a snowball for me this winter.)
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    Best of luck and prayers for this noble undertaking from Hudson, WI, across the St Croix river from the Twin Cities, MN.
    (I'll throw a snowball - or three or four - for Jackson, since we already have plenty of snow!)
  • Salutations and prayers from the other end of the state!
    Anything you want, just let me (us) know.
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  • I am curious, how many voices you are starting with? We are hoping to start something similar, but I am a bit nervous to do it with too few singers.
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  • Petrus, I don't know exactly how many voices we will start with. We have about 6 to 8 people expressing various degrees of interest, but after we examine schedules and other commitments, I don't think all of them will be participating. We will be recruiting through mid-January and hope to have our first meeting by Feb. 1.

    In Arlene Oost-Zimmer's "How to Start Your Own Garage Schola," I have read, "The schola can be one more person" (total 2) "or it can be 20. And there's no need to commit to a future performance. The only benefit promised should be a private one. Make it exciting and fulfilling, and they will come."

    So I think you should just do it!
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  • If you haven't already - contact Amanda Gulick at Holy Family in Dayton. You can find her contact info on their bulletin. Lady has a mad skill set.
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  • StimsonInRehab: I had been thinking of doing that, so thank you for reminding me and encouraging me. I haven't met her, but I know she has a wonderful choir and wonderful parish.