Wake Awake: Verse three macaronic version
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    Below is a version of Verse three of Wachet Auf (Wake Awake) that I put together, based on Catherine Winkworth's translation: My goal in this was to preserve the macaronic text: Nicolai's original, with it's obvious but lovely allusion to a famous German Christmas carol:

    Gloria sei dir gesungen,
    mit Menschen- und englischen Zungen,
    mit Harfen und mit Zimbeln schon.
    Von zwölf Perlen sind die Pforten,
    an deiner Stadt sind wir Konsorten
    der Engel hoch um deine Thron.
    Kein Aug’ hat je gespürt,
    kein Ohr hat je gehört
    solche Freude,
    des sind wir froh,
    ewig in dulci jubilo.

    Gloria! The heav’ns adore Thee,
    And men and angels sing before Thee,
    With harp and cymbal’s clearest tone;
    By the pearly gates in wonder
    We stand, and swell the voice of thunder
    That echoes round Thy dazzling throne;
    No vision ever brought,
    No ear hath ever caught,
    Such rejoicing:
    With joy we go:
    io, io,
    And sing In dulci jubilo.
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    When I first read this post I thought it said "macaroni" text. My bad.
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  • English is an angelic tongue?

    Lovely work!
  • A beautiful translation!
    Doubly so for retaining the macaronic form.

    I have always admired the way that
    Kein Aug' hat je gespurt,
    kein Ohr hat je behurt

    echos I. Corinthians 2.9 and Isaiah 64.4:
    'Eye hath not seen,
    Nor ear heard,
    Neither hath it entered into the heart of man
    What God hath prepared for them that love him'.