Copyright status (in USA) of New Westminster Hymnal 1939?
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    Can anyone shed some light on this question?
  • chonakchonak
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    For works first published abroad, the US generally honors the foreign copyright.
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  • a_f_hawkins
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    The publisher's copyright in the physical layout would be 25 years from 1939. OTOH Dom Gregory Murray's tunes are 70 years from his death in 1992.
    Is this light, I think not.
    I doubt however that anybody would complain about copying for use.
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  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    If you can find the hymnal on Google books or or as a reprint, it's a good bet it's in the public domain. I have a PDF copy of the 1939 Westminster Hymnal, New and Revised that I downloaded from
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  • tomjaw
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    My version from 1966 (new and revised) has the publishers as "Burns and Oates Ltd" some of their books also add a Washbourne!

    N.B. Under U.K. copyright law if the publisher goes out of business the copyright reverts to the Crown. I should also note that the Crown does not know what copyrights it holds!
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