prayers please
  • I do have a lovely position for my Sunday mornings. My Sunday nights I play somewhere else, and due to a number of growing concerns I no longer feel able to continue. Please pray for the conversation I shall have to have, and that I can find something to make up for the lost income. Thank you.
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    From one ordinarian (ordinariate member or supporter) to another, of course.

    Our Lady of Walsingham, pray for m_r_taylor and for the whole world.


    ("Blaise" is the name of a saint - bishop and martyr - in which I had a particular interest since my youth.)
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  • It went well, that is to say with no fuss - I told him I couldn't continue, along with the reason, and he seemed to understand, and then I went my way. I'm giving them the next few Sundays, which I shall dread, but in the new year I am gone and look forward to some delightful breaths of ease which even now I find it hard to take. Thank you for the prayers!
  • Godspeed!