Psalm 23 (24) VI F
  • Does anyone have or know where I can find Psalm 23 (24) Domini est terra with each verse fully notated for tone VI F? This is part of the ritual for the burial of a baptized infant, EF.
  • tomjaw
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    You can choose Psalm 23 from the dropdown list RHS and the tone from the LHS dropdown, you can also choose the clef!
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  • @tomjaw Great resource! Thanks!
  • CGM
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    Fascinating tool! But how do you export? If you hit the PDF button on the top right, it exports only the first line of the psalm, with attendant neums. It doesn't include the rest of the verses, which were so nicely pointed. Is there a way to export the whole readout?
  • I use printscreen with that tool a lot.

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  • GerardH
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    @CGM One solution would be to copy and paste the text with formatting into your preferred word processor

    EDIT: Or click "Hide Editor", and then print the webpage. Only drawback is that it prints "Show Editor" at the top of the page.
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    I have just tried it and all the verses come out on the pdf. Have you tried the Further pdf options? all the verses should appear in code in the box with the music below. You can then set the font size and paper size? The pdf opens on a new webpage in my set up but some browsers may download it to your downloads file / desktop.

    Have taken a screen grab and added instructions,


    Here is the new page that opens when you click the Further pdf options tab

    1137 x 695 - 339K
    663 x 927 - 272K
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