Value of A Guest Choir "Clinician"
  • I am ecstatic over a wonderful rehearsal of our Advent and Christmas repertoire tonight. For about fifteen years, I have paid for another director to work with the choir before Easter and before December. The choir rehearses the music for several weeks before our "clinician" visits to coach the choir and work on technical issues I might have missed. Also, I hired another accompanist for this evening so as to give me the opportunity to wander about the church and hear choir from different vantage points. The choir loves these rehearsals and it is of tremendous benefit to me and singers. I am curious as to whether others use a guest director and / or accompanist in this manner. I highly recommend it, although one must be willing to assume a resilient attitude and have a great camaraderie with the visiting musician.
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    I was just suggesting doing something like this with our very amateur choir to my husband/choir director. We have come a long way and have become a bit complacent and I thought an outsider's eye would be a useful spur to rise to a new level. Probably won't happen, but I guess it is not unheard of.
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  • ALWAYS do this throughout the year. Probably 3-4 times per choir season. It is of such immense value.

    If for no other reason than this: a singer can hear an instruction with the exact same language BUT if it comes from a new person, with different body language, and a different mannerism...that is often enough to provide the needed mental breakthrough.
  • I’ve not done it on a regular basis, but every time I have, it has been immensely helpful.
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    I’ve not done it on a regular basis, but every time I have, it has been immensely helpful.

    Me too. I should do it more often.

    Question. Does anyone think it matters if the clinician is Catholic? I would think not.
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  • I actually don’t think a single clinician I’ve used was Catholic. Being Catholic wasn’t a requirement for participation in the choir either—there were a few members that came over the years and ended up going through RCIA. Seeing the evangelism of music in action was always nice.
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    Agreed Marc. Just wondering what people thought.