Pope Francis on music, again
  • I read through this twice. I may be a little dense this morning (or perhaps not enough coffee), but I am having trouble forming a tangible "take-away" message from this. Is it simply a call for beauty in liturgical music?
  • Petrus_simplex,

    Evidently you have read the proper document: Pope Francis seems to thrive on ambiguity, so the fact that you can't find a tangible take-away is.... par for the course.
  • The last time he did this, I was cautiously optimistic.
    Now? If I said exactly what I feel and think about this, I would probably be in violation of Forum rules.
  • francis
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    I think this is just a mention of the theoretical actualization of how art is conceived and then presented... nothing more... it is that which we already know by common sense.

    However, the code words 'interpreter' and 'dialogue' often get stretched much too far and are allowed to much weight in the realm of 'liturgical music', almost as though the interpreter should not be hindered in any way from expressing what he/she wants to convey.