• So far this site looks really good and informative!
    As to the topic, there will be a youth choir (6-12ish) starting up at my parish that I will be directing/co-directing. I have been singing in choirs for about 6 years , but because of the young age, I'm not really sure where one would start? (most of them will be coming in with very little musical experience) Or what music to start with. If anyone has any pointers or suggestions....? thanks
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    Down the right hand column of this page there is a list of topics. One of these is Music education: Children, so click there, if you have not already done so.
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  • oh thank you, I didn't see that.
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    I was in a similar situation when I was a classroom teacher in a Catholic school and asked to teach an after school choir. I taught the 6 to 8 students to sing "Dona Nobis Pacem" and that became a round which introduced them to harmony. They really enjoyed singing in Latin and recognized when the could "stick to their own part" for the round.
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  • That's a difficult age range: I've found that under 8's usually have far different concentration spans, and are hard to put with older kids, without the older ones getting frustrated. Do you have an accompanist?

    Who is sponsoring this choir, and what are their goals? Do they want the kids to sing in liturgy? Or is it a childcare fun activity? Or a community service option eg singing for shut-ins etc. Any would be valid goals for a parish children's choir, and you need to be clear up front what the goal is so you know what you're working towards.
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  • Ahh, I could see that being a problem. yes, there will be an Organist
    it will be privately sponsored for now, and I believe the main goal would be giving the youth a understanding, and hopefully creating a love for sacred music. but also, I think the goal is to have the choir sing at a few Masses a year eventually.(we'll see how realistic that is once it starts)
    right, I'll clarify it with the organizer as to the goal and time frame.